Double Walled Paper Cups

Double Walled Paper Cups

Double Walled Paper Cups
Double Walled Paper Cups

You want to take morning coffee in the office. But you need to understand how to hold them for a long drive. No worries, double-walled paper cups are best for storing coffee. These cups are convenient to use and drink tea or coffee. Moreover, your beverage remains hot until the last sip. Even you can pack them and take them with you on travelling.

You often see the cafe service for the drive-through. Those plastic cups are the quality material as a double-walled paper cusp. Now you do not have to drink coffee at a cafe or shop. These disposable cups are easy to hold and take with you anywhere. However, more details about those cups will be mentioned below.

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Double Walled Paper Cups

Double Walled Paper Cups
Double Walled Paper Cups

These are disposable kind cups that consist of two layers of paper. A double layer of air between the cup material provides better insulation and heat to the walled paper cups. The heat resistance is more than a single and standard plastic cup. These cups are commonly used for hot beverages like coffee and tea. Double-walled paper cups are more environmentally friendly than single-plastic cups. Even some of them are used for water usage.

Types Of Double Walled Paper Cups

Double Walled Paper Cups
Double Walled Paper Cups

For serving purposes, these cups are best. There are various types of double-walled paper cups. You can see different kinds almost everywhere. Some of the standard and best types are the following.

Ripple Wall Cups; These cups are used for the same purpose. But it has a texture out layer, which provides an extra insulation layer. The beverage remains at a hot temperature for a long time.

Smoothie Cups; As the name shows, these cups have a wider mouth. These types of cups are ideal for serving cold drinks. Smoothies are heavy and have a thick texture. These kinds of cups are the best ones to keep the coldness of a smoothie.

Printed Cups; Double-walled paper cups are available in many types. Printed cups are another form of those paper cups as these cups can be customised in design, size, and even logos for branding and business purposes.

Compostable Cups; These cups are made from a material that breaks down quickly in composting facilities. This feature makes them the environmentally friendly option,

Insulated Cups; These cups have an additional layer of insulation, providing better heat retention. That makes them ideal for serving hot beverages.

Double Walled Paper Cups Made Of?

These cups are made from premium papers and lined with lngeo, which is plant-based bioplastic. These compostable and disposable paper cups are printed with non-toxic, environmentally friendly water and soy-based ink. Moreover, the company use a high-quality board to give insulation coffee cups, which offers superior stability, insulation and lif fit qualities to the double-walled paper cups.

Are Double Walled Paper Cups Safe For Drinking

There are many queries about drinking in double-walled paper cups. Some people think it is unsafe to use these cups for drinking purposes. At the same time, the experts say it is safe to drink in double-walled paper cups. These cups are generally safe for drinking hot or cold drinks. The constructed material of paper cups is high quality.

Moreover. the brand that produces those paper cups is reputed. So, there is no worry about using these paper cups. You can use them at home and office parties. Even lightweight cups are convenient to use in travelling.

Drinking Coffee In Double Walled Paper Cups

Double Walled Paper Cups
Double Walled Paper Cups

Double-walled paper cups are best for drinking coffee. You can grab the coffee, pour it into these cups, and intake satisfied. Because the cups are made from food-grade materials. These cups are mainly designed for serving hot and cold beverages. Such As,

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Smoothies

Suppose you have a guest at home and need help understanding what to do. Then purchase double-walled paper cups and enjoy the gathering. Serve them in paper cups, coffee or any other hot beverage. There is no tension about washing them as these cups are disposable.

Caution About Paper Cups

It is excellent to use paper cups for hot drinks. But there is some health-related issue. The fact about paper cups must not be ignored. Make sure that paper cups are not filled with an over-hot drink. Drinking scalding coffee or tea in paper cups could be better. This act can become cause the cups unstable and potentially leak. At the same time, the chemical can react negatively if the over-hot drink is filled in paper cups.

Moreover, the double-walled paper cups have plastic lining to improve their insulation, which can make them unsuitable for recycling or composting in some facilities. That is why it is a good idea to check the specific type of cups that you are using.

Best Double Walled Paper Cups

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  • Kraft Green Strips
  • White Double Wall Cups
  • Art Series Double wall Cups
  • Bio Cups


Double Walled Paper Cups are great to use. You can drink coffee or tea. Even these paper cups are used for cold drinks like smoothies. The best thing about paper cups, they are safe and sound. There is no harmful chemical in the manufacture of paper cups. The disposable ability of paper cups makes them more reliable to buy and use.





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