Shardor Coffee Grinder

Shardor Coffee Grinder
Shardor Coffee Grinder

Coffee is a loveable drink almost for everyone. People like to consume coffee to refresh their selves. However, it is made with traditional and electric coffee makers. Before pouring coffee for the making process, it must be a grind because coffee comes in a bean shape. It has to crush or ground well so the coffee can dissolve in the water. Many people prefer to buy coffee powder to save from the grinding process.

Meanwhile, the actual taste comes from the original coffee beans. At the same time, many good coffee grinders are available in the market. Sharder is one of them. The following detail will give you the best idea about it.

What Is Shardor Coffee Grinder?

Shardor Coffee Grinder
Shardor Coffee Grinder

It is an electric coffee grinder. It comes with an adjustable lid and steel les bowl. The sleek and elegant appearance will make you surprised. The features of the Shardor coffee grinder are practical. The lid activates the safety switch allowing you to control the grinder process. The thickness of powder you can make according to your preference. So, you can get coffee beans in powder foam in seconds. Just buy the branded sahrdor coffee grinder and get the perfect coffee powder.


  • Shardor coffee grinder gives you fine powder
  • Remove able lid and bowl
  • Pretty thane than another coffee grinder
  • In black, the color and material are plastic
  • High bean grinding speed
  • Customize command
  • Multiple functions
  • Adjustable size
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The Shardor coffee grinder has an adjustable size. You can put it anywhere in the kitchen or office. The press button gives you control. The other fantastic thing about this coffee grinder is, no need to press the button all time. Just push one time and get coffee powder in seconds. The coffee grinding capacity is ten cups. Two hundred wats and stainless steel blades will make a perfect coffee powder. Other than it will save the original flavor of the coffee. You can enjoy the same aroma and taste,

How To Use

It is straightforward to use a shard or coffee grinder. Just grab your favorite coffee flavor and pour in the sharodr coffee grinder. Take a moderate amount of coffee beans and stream them on the grinder’s lid. There is a knob for the time setting. Press the knob to give customized time for grinding coffee powder. But remember, you must press for a second or up to five seconds to the grinding process. Press the button and wait for a given time. The machine will stop automatically. Take out the powder with the included spoon. Now your coffee powder is ready, enjoy making the coffee.


Sahrdor coffee grinders have different types. It has the same purpose with different sizes and functions. You can select according to your need and choice. All the shards or coffee grinders have the same brand. Many of them are multiple purposes and functions. Some of the best charter coffee grinder types are here.

Shardor Electric Burr Coffee Grinder

This coffee grinder comes with an adjustable setting. The burr coffee grinder is a mill grinder. The uniform shape will please you. It has the same duty as making the coffee beans into power from the farm. Pour the coffee beans into the wide cup and give the time command by dialing the button. It has the following features.

  • A wide cup for pouring coffee beans
  • Metallic flat burr coffee grinder
  • The grinding capacity is fourteen cups
  • Remove able upper hopper, chamber
  • Included brush for easy clean
  • Customize the setting for exact cups
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Shardor Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Sahrdor conical burr grinder will give you perfect control over the grinding process. Just press the desired coffee cup and get a fine powder. It has 14 adjustable settings. The grinder will make twelve cups of coffee powder. It comes same in black color and plastic material. The modern-style conical coffee grinder will excite you during the coffee grinding process. The upper hopper is removed able. So you can add more beans while grinding the coffee. The French press button makes it more accessible.

Shardor Coffee Grinder Parts

Shardor Coffee Grinder
Shardor Coffee Grinder

To understand the exemplary process, here are mentioned grinder parts. So, you can get a guide on how to use this grinder and clean it.

  • Stainless steel blades
  • Remover able lid
  • A steel bowl
  • Chopper bowl for four blades
  • Motor housing
  • Remove able ring burr
  • Bean hopper
  • Indicator light
  • Grinding chamber
  • Off and on button
  • Lid
  • Clean brush

How To Clean Shardor Coffee Grinder?

Cleaning the shardor coffee grinder is essential. If you ignore this part, your grinder may rut and not work correctly. So to avoid any issues, make sure you clean it regularly. Here are a few steps that make cleaning the sharod coffee grinder easy.

  • First of all, turn off the grinder and remove the plug
  • Remove the hopper and grinder chamber
  • Remove the outer burr by gently twisting
  • Twist until it leaves out the grinder
  • Now clean the burr and lid with a brush and soap
  • Take out all the leftover coffee particles
  • Clean with dishwasher soap, so the soil and oil will remove perfectly
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Shardor Coffee Grinder Not Working

While the brand performs best, if you still face difficulty working the sharod coffee grinder, you can contact the support team. They will suggest a different process.


  • Shardor coffee grinder will give you a fine coffee powder
  • Easy to operate
  • Customize option will win your heart
  • The stainless steel bowl protects the grinder from grinding heat
  • 200 powerful motor
  • Remove able lid and cup
  • Steady and safety
  • Easy to wash

Shardor Coffee Grinder Reviews

This coffee grinder has a 4.5 rating out of 5. The customers are pleased to get this grinder. They claim that the shardor coffee grinder has an easy operation system. Moreover, it can make coffee powder in just seconds. The less noise makes it more demanding. The shardor coffee grinder comes with two steel bowls used for multiple purposes. This can be used not only for coffee powder but also for other spices, like sugar and many others. The price is reasonable.


Where is the shardor coffee grinder made?

Shardor is a Chines company. It is a branded company. So, the sharod coffee grinder is made in China.

How many watts shardor coffee grinder consumes?

Sharod grinder consumes 200 watts. It makes perfect powder in 15 seconds.

How to use a shardor coffee grinder?

Just pour the coffee bean into the grinder, cup, or lid, select the coffee amount cup time, and start the button or dial to the exact point. Let’s wait for desired time. The machine will stop automatically. Take out the coffee powder.

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